History & Mission


ACUSTREAM provides significant and immediate revenue benefit without disrupting operations. In short, we created our solutions to offer our clients continuous improvement in their processes, revenue, and profit.


ACUSTREAM’s mission is to help our healthcare clients become more efficient and profitable so they can focus on their primary goal of providing quality healthcare to their patients. The challenge was to provide our market with a solution that generated both immediate revenue and streamlined processes while seamlessly integrating into the way our clients do business.

The Solution is REVBUILDER™

ACUSTREAM’s REVBUILDER™ is a web solution that uses an advanced rules-based engine to identify missed and unbilled charges in existing patient data. By recapturing lost revenue – which the Healthcare Financial Management Association estimates can be in the millions of dollars for larger organizations — and reducing the costs associated with auditing charge data, REVBUILDER™ generates an immediate increase in both revenue and profit margins, and a decrease in operational costs.

REVBUILDER™ offers significant and sustainable financial benefit with little or no disruption to technical, financial, or clinical departments. In short, we created our solutions to offer our clients’ continuous improvement in their processes, revenue, and profit.

Research Foundations

After extensive work and exploration with our development partners, a major University Hospital System and its related Physician Organization, and after researching many operational and technical aspects of the provider environment, ACUSTREAM took a unique and sophisticated approach with its low-cost, high-impact solutions.

Change and automation in healthcare is difficult, and at times seem virtually impossible due to the complex nature of the caregiving business. Providers, hospital executives, and directors grow weary of industry pitches claiming to resolve these issues through large scale, costly, and time consuming solutions whose payback periods are long-term and counted in years.

To counter those very difficulties, we developed our ACUSTREAM solutions.