Millions of Dollars Are Hiding in Your Data

The Healthcare Financial Management Association estimates that healthcare providers fail to bill 3-5% of all reimbursable charges. These missed charges equate to $3 to $5 million for organizations with over 600 physicians on staff.

REVBUILDER™ was specifically developed to recover these missed charges. REVBUILDER™ uses a rules-based engine to identify missed and unbilled charges in existing patient data. REVBUILDER™ is a web-based solution that works with and runs complementary to all existing enterprise platforms. By recapturing lost revenue and reducing the cost associated with auditing charge data, REVBUILDER™ generates an immediate and ongoing increase in both revenue and profit margins. Once identified, missed charges are automatically routed to the relevant department for verification and billing.

You Pay Only for Found Revenue

After a nominal upfront investment to secure your place in our onboarding queue, REVBUILDER™ operates on a revenue sharing arrangement with clients, and is based solely upon the reimbursed charges identified by REVBUILDER™.

REVBUILDER™ offers collaboration tools, a business intelligence dashboard and rules engine interface, which uniquely enables the financial staff to create customized rules.

Enable Efficiencies

ACUSTREAM enables clients to gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of administrative procedures in all departments across their organization. Staff that was formerly focused on manual audits of charge data is now able to focus their efforts on other process improvements. And clinical staff can spend their time on what healthcare is supposed to be about — namely, patient care.